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The Briggs Ag Scholarship award is $1000 per year for up to four years to Seward County High School 

Seniors.  A second renewable scholarship for $500 will be awarded.  The criteria for applying is listed below:


  1. Students must be enrolled in a two or four year Ag Program; preference given to Nebraska schools.

  2. Scholarship will be funded upon successful completion of each year with a minimum 2.5 GPA on twelve hours or more.

  3. Students must complete application which is available in your high school counselor’s office. 

  4. Students must be a graduating senior from Centennial, Milford or Seward High Schools.

  5. The winners will be chosen by a committee of school representatives and the Seward County Ag Society.

  6. Funding for subsequent years will be provided upon submission of the fall semester transcript. Please Notify Doug Brand 402-641-6404.

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